Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Best Buy Locksmith provides residential locksmith services for houses of all types and doors of all sizes. We offer fast, friendly and professional residential locksmith services across Philadelphia.

We offer a variety of residential locksmithing services, including:

Lock Installation

Building or remodeling often requires new lock installation. Professional installation reduces errors and the risks that come along with those errors. Experts know how to properly install any lock, anywhere in the home.

Deadbolt Installation

If you want new deadbolts but you’re not sure what you need or you don’t think you can install them without damaging your doors, we can help. The Best Buy Locksmith can help you select durable deadbolts and we can correctly install them on any type of residential door


If you’re moving into a new home or if you’ve lost your keys, calling our team for a rekey is a smart choice. Rekeying is an economical option and also, this will ensure that only you have access to your home.

Key Removal

Sometimes accidents happen, and your key pays the price. One of our expert locksmiths can come to your home, remove the key, and repair or replace anything that’s needed.

Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your house is unfortunate part that could happen to anyone and that’s why we are here to help and when that means you’ve lost, misplaced, or damaged the key to your home, we can help. A locksmith can get you back inside without damaging the door or the structure of the home.

Why Us?

Best Buy Locksmith team is not just highly trained we have over 10 years of experience on the field and all the right to tools to perform professional work when it comes to Best Buy Locksmith we offer hassle free service with affordable prices and guaranteed work.


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