I locked my keys in my car

I Locked My Keys In My Car - Now What

I Locked My Keys In My Car – Now What?

I Locked My Keys In My Car - Now What

Your keys are locked in the car? That’s okay. Breathe deeply and relax. You and the many others who are locked out of their cars are the only reason for this post. You’ll find every possible way to get back into your car in our article. You should try them in the order that best fits the situation that you are in.

Even though I am unable to prevent you from skipping around in the article or starting the process without reading it, I would like to emphasize the importance of understanding the task before starting it. If you are skimming the article, I would rather you do so with some idea of the full context you are missing.

Top 7 Tips For The Scenario ‘I Locked My Keys In My Car’

1. Locksmith Services

Locksmiths services are the safest and most responsible option from this list. The decision will depend on the situation, the type of vehicle, etc. Your car will be unlocked after they arrive, that is if you hired a reliable company. You need to do a bit of research before calling a locksmith. You should be able to determine if the company has the experience and professionalism you require.

2. Call The Police

This type of situation is familiar to many police officers. It may depend on the department and the level of activity in the area whether they come. In certain areas, the car must be running before police will intervene. You are at greater risk when the car is running. A thief will be able to easily see that the car keys are inside. You cannot leave your car unattended. This would be a good option if you feel that you might be in danger in your current location.

Since this response to an emergency, it is at the top of the list of options for assistance. When there is a child or animal locked inside, you should use this service. Should there be any other major complication that requires you to get back into your car for fear of bodily harm, call the police immediately. Furthermore, they will not only arrive faster than any other service and protect you, but they will also be able to unlock your car.

This type of service will vary in availability and willingness.

3. AAA/Roadside Assistance

Your vehicle can be unlocked by AAA if you have it. In a vehicle locksmith blurb found on the AAA website, it says: If the key that operates or provides access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle is lost or broken, AAA services will be dispatched. Classic members are covered for locksmith services up to $50, excluding ignition repair/replacement. Plus members are covered for up to $100 in locksmith services. Premier members are covered for up to $150 in locksmith services.

Towing services will be provided if the car cannot be opened safely. The locksmith may not be able to replace the key. You should check your membership handbook to see if your roadside assistance provider provides this service if it is not AAA. Your car should at least be towed safely to its destination.

4. String Or Small Diameter Rope

The right tools for the job are shoelaces. Strings that fit between the car door and the frame can be used for this purpose. Post locks are the only vehicles that will work with this method. It is a lock that can be unlocked or locked by being pulled up or pushed down. After you have your string, you will need to know how to tie a slip knot. To begin with, the knot must be placed as close as possible to the center of the string.

Make a slip knot:

  • Make a loop that is five inches left of the string’s center. The diameter should be slightly larger than the hole created by touching the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb (the size will be adjusted later).
  • Move the tail end of the right half of the string into the hole (the tail end should point toward you). Do not tighten the shape. It will look like a pretzel.
  • Hold the original loop with your thumb and forefinger.
  • There is a loop formed by the tail of the pretzel entering the hole, as well as the original loop. Back the tail end through the hole created (the left hole of the pretzel).
  • Pull the two parts apart while maintaining pressure on the right end tailpiece of the string and the original loop crease. A single loop will result.
  • The existing loop should now contract when you pull on the left end of the string. Similar to expanding a loop, you can pull the loop apart by putting your finger inside the loop.

Having tied a slip knot in the middle of your string, you’re now ready to open your door. Place the string between the frame and the door. You should keep one side of the string parallel to the roof of the car and the other end perpendicular. Wrap the string around the lock by sliding it forward. Pull the lock upward by closing the loop. You’re in! Read on if you aren’t.

5. Check The Doors

Your car’s doors may not all lock at the same time. It’s a scary thought, but it does happen. The driver tends to be more aware of the driver’s side door than the other doors. The doors may have broken even if you believe they are all locked properly. Make sure they are all locked!

6. Check The Trunk

You may be able to get into the car through the trunk. You cannot even separate the trunk from the cabin of a hatchback vehicle.

It’s not always the case, but sometimes it’s possible to reach the back seat from the trunk. These are usually in the form of a panel that opens from the trunk when the back seat is pushed.

7. Remote Unlock Service

You might want to try this before you crawl through your trunk, but most people should be aware of the coverage offered by Onstar (or similar companies). The feature may have been thrown in at the time of purchase in the current new car market.

New car coverage offers usually last about a year. It might be worth getting in touch with your dealership to see if you have it or if it has run out. You’ll wish you had a trunk to crawl through with all that phone call bureaucracy. If you have this coverage, you can open your doors remotely.


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