How To Hotwire a Car Quickly In 3 Different Ways!

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How To Hotwire a Car Quickly In 3 Different Ways

How To Hotwire a Car Quickly In 3 Different Ways!

How To Hotwire a Car

The act of hotwiring is to drive the car without the need to unlock it by bypassing the ignition. The majority of older vehicles manufactured before the mid-1990s are able to do this. Newer models hide all the wiring units, unlike older models.

If you plan to work on the wiring system, make sure you follow the instructions in this post. In case you lose your keys and are unable to hotwire your car, do not worry. The following are step by step instructions for hotwiring a car.

Top 3 Ways to Hotwire a Car

Firstly, let’s quickly go over the three methods that have been proven to bypass the ignition. These are:

  • Activate the dashboard
  • Make a hole in the lock area
  • Tune up the steering wire

Each method will be discussed separately attempt to help you understand how to hotwire a car during an emergency.

Method 1: Activate the Dashboard

Step 1: Look Under the Hood for The Red Coil Wire

On cars with V8 engines, the plug and coil wire are located at the rear. A four-cylinder engine will have it on the right side, near the middle of the engine. Engines with six cylinders have them near the center of the left side.

Step 2: Connect Your Jump Cable

The positive battery terminal should be connected to one of the positive connections of the coil using a jump cable. It can also be connected to the red wire leading to the coil. The dashboard will be powered, and the engine will be started immediately.

If you are using a Ford car, the starter solenoid is located on the right side near the battery. GM cars have it under the steering wheel, somewhere on the starter.

Step 3: Unlock the Steering Wheel

Push the wheel and the column together with a flat screwdriver. You will need to push hard if you want it to work so you can push out the pin. You will see the solenoid underneath once the lock pins break or a warning is triggered.

Step 4: Connect the Battery Positive Terminal to The Solenoid

A small wire is located on top of the solenoid, and the battery cable is located below it. With an insulated screwdriver, disconnect the ignition switch wire from the solenoid.

Install the positive battery terminal on the ignition switch’s connecting point. The solenoid can be activated by 12 volts flowing from the battery through this connection. If everything is done correctly, the engine will make a starting sound and come to life.

Method 2: Tune Up the Steering Wheel Wire

Step 1: Remove the Plastic Covers from The Steering Column

Here’s another way to hotwire a car to achieve the desired result. Unscrew the steering column using a screwdriver. To access the panel, remove the cover.

If your car is an older model, you may want to break the lock pins. An ordinary screwdriver is put into the keyhole and hammered into place. By hand, perhaps, unless the car model is built in such a way as to make it easier.

Step 2: Identify the Right Wire Bundle

With the plastic cover removed, you will be able to see bundles of cables. As long as you can recognize the right wire roll, this process shouldn’t be intimidating. The wiring harness connector is usually located in one of three bundles.

Connectors of the wiring harness connect the ignition, the starter, and the battery. It connects to the steering column, which is known as the starting point. If you are unfamiliar with the wiring in the car’s panel, read the car manual carefully.

Disconnect the battery, ignition, and starter wires. There is one of these for powering the ignition switch, and the others are for powering the starter and ignition wires. If you read the user’s manual, you’ll be able to identify the wires correctly.

A brown ignition can be found in some cases, a yellow starter wire, and a red battery. You want to avoid making costly mistakes. Consult the manual whenever possible. When you move wires, be careful not to get electrocuted.

Connect the battery wires by cutting off an inch of the insulation. Wrap them in insulation tape to prevent them from touching the car’s metal. The ignition section will receive power from this connection, which will allow the vehicle to start.

Step 3: Connect the On/Off Cable to The Battery

The dashboard and other components are showing signs of electricity flowing through them at this point. At this point, you can listen to the radio. The starting wire has to be crossed when the car is being driven out of the garage.

There are several safety precautions you need to take when sparking the starting wire. Be careful not to let the wires of the ignition spark without your permission as you peel them off. Make sure to let the battery wires spark without twisting, but do not touch them. You can drive out immediately after starting the car. This may be an easy way to find out how to hotwire a car quickly.

Step 4: Rev Up the Engine A Few Times

The engine should run steadily after starting a few times. The starter wire can be removed, and the engine can be driven on if that is your preference. By disconnecting the battery wire from the ignition wire, you can stop the engine when you are done.

Important To Note When Using This Method

The following tips should always be remembered, even though this method seems fast and easy.

  • Safety gloves, a pocketknife, a screwdriver, and electrical tape are required.
  • Do not try to break into a car if you are not the owner. False entry will set off an alarm, and you don’t want to be associated with car theft.
  • Ensure that your owner’s manual permits you to bypass your gear selection, and the steering column ahead of you using this method.

Steering column and shifting mechanism damage may occur if you ignore the shifting mechanism and steering column.

Method 3: Make a Hole in the Lock Area

The final method we will explore is to make a hole in the lock area. The steps to achieve this includes:

Step 1: Drill the Hole Right Through the Keyhole

You can use a drill to drill into the keyhole by placing it on the hole. It is important to remember that the pins are to be shattered in order to make the lock easier to unlock. The method is used when you can’t find your car keys.

The drilling shouldn’t exceed the length of the key. For every lock pin, there are two sections that come before the metal spring. Remove the drill, and then drill again to allow the pieces to fall into line.

Step 2: Put in The Screwdriver

The screwdriver doesn’t need to be pushed in any deeper this time because the pins have already fallen apart. Start the engine by turning the screwdriver clockwise. This method may seem cool, but anyone with a screwdriver can lock the car and drive away with it.

Final Thoughts

Car owners dread losing their keys most, but this doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The steering column can be bypassed, the keyhole drilled, or the dashboard powered to bring your car back to life.

Remember these important facts whether you read this article or watch the how to hotwire a car YouTube video on this page.

  • Make sure all safety gear and materials are ready
  • Hotwire your car according to its model
  • Prevent electrocution by taking the necessary precautions
  • Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual

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