How To Find Lost Keys

How To Find Lost Keys

How To Find Lost Keys

How To Find Lost Keys

Have you wondered how to find lost keys? There is no sign of your keys on the table, where could they be?

Humans are prone to misplacing items. It is a daily occurrence. Discovering these lost items is a vicious cycle, and it can be harder than shopping for an entire clan for Christmas.

Do not worry if you have lost your keys. The most important point to remember is that everyone makes mistakes, so don’t spend much time cursing yourself or blaming yourself. What should you do then?

You can find lost keys. In order to find them, you may need patience and perseverance. We’ve compiled some suggestions from some top locksmiths based in the US that can help you get back your keys.

How To Find Lost Keys

Do you remember how often you have leaped into your pocket after being locked out of your home or car and found you had lost your keys?The ‘searching for my lost keys again’ process should be second nature by now. But just in case you’re one of those people who don’t lose their keys very often. Here are a few tips on how to do a thorough search:

1. Don’t Freak Out, Just Start Looking

We panic as soon as we realize we have lost our keys. Then we blame ourselves for having done it again. While this might relieve our frustrations, it won’t help us find lost keys in a focused and productive manner.Avoid panicking and start searching instead. Make sure your keys are where you expect them to be. In some cases, we miss them when we first look, so check twice to avoid unnecessary searches.According to Professor Solomon, most lost objects (including keys) remain within 18 inches of their designated location. He refers to this area as the Eureka Zone.Do not waste time searching the same places over and over again just because the keys are supposed to be there. Do not rush your search and instead make sure you thoroughly check the previous room or space before moving on.

2. Keep Clutter To A Minimum

We subconsciously pay attention to cleaner areas when we search, according to an experiment at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Despite the obvious fact that we don’t have the keys we’re looking for, we still do this.

One of the researchers on the project, Anna Nowakowska, suggested that we should instead focus on the clutter-prone areas because they would have already been found if they had been more obvious.

3. Invest In A Smart Key Finder

When we have a rough day, our brainpower may not be sufficient. Connect your phone to a smart key finder and attach it to your keys. Using your phone, you can find your keys and your keys, and vice versa.

Keys are especially difficult to find since we carry them everywhere we go. Several times a day, every day, they switch locations!

You can share the search results with your family using the Chipolo. Using the app, you can share your tracker virtually with your family, so they can assist you in finding your keys too.

4. Take a Moment to Reflect

You are only as good as your mind. Think back to the last time your keys were in your hand. Take a moment to think back to the place, the activity, the time, the people you were with, the emotions you were experiencing…

This phenomenon is called ‘context reinstatement and it is used to find lost car keys successfully, as opposed to eyewitnesses to crimes.

However, you need to beware that your mind can sometimes play tricks on you and present you with a false memory that can lead you astray. Avoid overthinking!

Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

The easiest way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Keep Your Home Clean

Maintaining a clean environment is highly effective for finding lost things, and seeing how tidy your house is bound to lift your spirits.

Maintain a consistent place for all your stuff

Developing a habit of putting your keys (and other items) in the same place will take some willpower, but it will be worth it over time. According to studies, a habit can be formed in 66 days on average, so try it!

Make Sure You Have Replacement Keys In Advance

A copy of all keys will not fix everything, as burglar-proof doors, anti-theft locks, and car keys, which can be costly to duplicate, sometimes require proof of ownership. It isn’t that difficult or expensive to get a copy of your basic door key, so do so.

Decide which keys you should create a copy of based on the possibility of losing them permanently and the hassle of making one in advance. If you decide to do it, don’t forget where the replacements are kept!

Ensure Your Key Stands Out

Make it pop with bright colors even if it’s something small or inconspicuous. You can also paint the bow of your keys a color that stands out or add a big colorful key-chain. Add a reflective patch to your wallet and use neon sticky notes on your documents.

Research Locksmith Services In Advance

The key to getting through tough times is to get tough yourself. When it becomes difficult for you to find your lost keys, you should seek the assistance of a locksmith for lock replacement or key duplication.

However, it would be smart for you to research good locksmiths before you lose your keys. That way you can have them on call. The Best Buy Locksmith team is not only highly trained but would be willing to assist you when in a crisis such as losing your keys. In addition to their ten years of experience in the field, they have all the right tools to get the job done. Get in touch with their experts today to learn how they can assist you with your master key system. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 267-506-5702.


The most frustrating thing in the world is losing your keys. As our lives become busier and busier, we will probably continue to experience it. With a bit of proactiveness on your part, you can eliminate this problem from your life and save your energy on the things that are truly important to you.

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