How to Avoid Burglary

How to Avoid Burglary

How to Avoid Burglary

How to Avoid Burglary

When you leave your home, you may shut all the windows, lock the doors, and set an alarm, but that doesn’t mean your contents will be safe. It may not occur to you, but many of us make simple mistakes every day that leaves our homes more susceptible to burglary.

The following tips will teach you how to avoid burglary in your home.

Top 6 Tips On How To Avoid Burglary

1. Work With A Locksmith To Avoid Burglary Through Your Front Door

Always make sure your front door is locked. This ought to be obvious, but, alas, it needs to be stressed. Even though it may seem silly in the way of advice, the truth is that too many people lock their doors when they are not home, but leave their most prominent entry point unlocked when they are at home.

Be sure to work with a trusted locksmith to ensure the locks on your front door works! This is vital. Remember to keep these things in mind:
●  An open door is an invitation to the public. You should always lock your doors, but at the very least, ensure that they are closed.
●  Keys should not be kept under doormats, under fake rocks, or in an exposed or easy-to-reach location. It is a good idea to keep a spare key in a lock box and to give the code to as few people as possible. If possible, the code should only be known by those who live there.
●  Windows on your outer doors should be curtained if they have windows. A safe, protected home is far more valuable than the decor you were hoping for.

2. Make Sure Your Alarm Is Working

Invest in a visible alarm system for a high level of home security. Intruders won’t be attracted to your home if you install one of the many comprehensive alarm systems on the market.

Do you have a reliable alarm? Alarm systems that are not as dependable can be spotted by the home security experts at Boundary. When investing in a security system for your home, make sure it provides all-around protection. Look for systems that have motion sensors, can be controlled remotely via an app (great if you’re away on vacation), and even ones that include automatic police response, which makes it more likely that your intruder will be caught.

Smart alarms – such as the Ring Alarm – alert you of activity and give you remote control while you’re away.

3. Get A Locksmith To Make Sure Your Deadlock Is Working

The deadlock is typically the rectangular-shaped lock found beneath the handle if you’re not sure what it is and where it is. Checking this is crucial since if the lock doesn’t go all the way into the door frame, burglars can enter a property without leaving a trace.

Even if your door appears to be locked, a burglar can easily slip a credit card through and open it. Due to this, hiring a reliable locksmith to secure your strike plate can be the difference between your safety and burglary.

The strike plate is a metal piece that is attached to the door frame. When the door is closed, the strike plate and lock are attached through the holes in the plates, which hold the door in place. It becomes nearly effortless for a thief to pick off the strike plate and break the lock if it is loose, poorly secured, or falling off.

4.Improving The Front And Back Doors

Even though homeowners are spending more time at home post-pandemic, burglaries and theft still pose a threat. Be aware of – old, weak doors with weak locks as they make you an easy target for burglars. Upgrade entry points in your home to ensure it remains secure.

Not only that, but replacing your property’s front and back doors, patio doors, sliding doors, or bi-fold doors will also enhance the aesthetics as well as the security of your home.

By investing in quality doors for your home, you can potentially save money on energy bills. As well as keep warm and cozy while spending more time indoors during the winter months, especially if you have a cold climate.

To ensure your peace of mind, look for front door ideas that include multi-point locks and meet security standards.

5. Secure Your Windows

A new window installation can enhance your home’s thermal performance as well as improve its security. You can protect your home from the elements by selecting windows with shatter-proof laminate glass, internal beading, and effective security locking systems.

There are numerous window locking systems with more locking points, such as Twin-cam Security Lock (TSL) and adjustable twin-cams to make burglary prevention even more effective. All sash window locks and window security locks should be designed for a purpose and should be resistant to attack.

6. Lock Gates And Hide Ladders And Tools

Many thieves are opportunists, and if they can sneak into your garden through an open gate to snoop around unseen behind your house, they will. Leaving ladders and hand tools out, even in an unlocked outhouse or garage, also makes it easy for them to gain access. Be sure to secure gates and keep ladders and tools locked away.

Consider Installing Motion Detectors

Intruders are detected by infrared energy emitted by motion detectors. The sensor emits a light beam once their energy is detected. In the event that a burglar crosses that beam of light, the alarm will sound and you and your neighbours will be notified.


Your home can be made less susceptible to break-ins with the help of locksmith services. In addition to installing high-quality locks, locksmiths can install additional hardware in your home to enhance its security.

Among these services is the fortification of doors and windows to make it more difficult for people to force their way inside. On a door, for example, the most vulnerable areas are the hinges; the edge where the locks are installed; and the jamb, where the strikes are mounted. In order to make forced entry less likely, a skilled locksmith can reinforce these points on any door.

In addition to providing and installing locks, locksmiths typically install electronic devices to enhance security, including optical door viewers and video intercoms.

By using these high-tech tools, you can see who is at the door (and even talk to them) without stepping outside.

Contact Best Buy Locksmiths for more information today about how their locksmith services can help you avoid burglaries.


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