How Effective Are Motorcycle Locks?

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How Effective Are Motorcycle Locks

How Effective Are Motorcycle Locks?

How Effective Are Motorcycle Locks

Are you new to the world of motorcycle locks? If so, this is the post for you. Theft of motorcycles has been a growing problem, especially scooters & mopeds due to their ability to be stolen in a matter of seconds. To stop thieves from stealing your motorbike, install security devices. Motorbikes are often stolen and broken up by thieves, which is why security devices can help stop theft.

In this post, we will explore some tips to help you prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. These tips will also prevent your moped from being stolen.

What Are The Benefits of Motorcycle Locks:


Provides A Sense Of Calm

Motocycle locks let you go about your day without having to worry when you install a motorcycle security device on your bike. Someone can’t plot to take what isn’t theirs, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Prevention of Theft

The use of motorcycle locks greatly reduces the likelihood of your bike being stolen. When a bike has a visible lock on its wheel or bars or a chain attached to a light post, thieves are less likely to target it.

Insurance Rates Are Lower

Depending on the model and make of your motorcycle, your insurance company may offer you a discount if you install the best motorcycle security device.

What Are The Different Types of Motorcycle Locks?

Locks with Grips

Locks used on handlebars are also known as handlebar locks, clutch locks, brake locks, or throttle locks. These motorcycle locks clamp onto the clutch or brake levers. The clutch, brake, and throttle will be immobilized by a grip lock when installed properly. Designed to fit most types of motorcycles, this lock is small and easy to use.

Locks with Discs

These locks go through the holes in the brake disc to prevent the motorcycle from rolling forward or back more than a few inches. To remove this type of security lock, thieves must use heavy equipment to cut through the steel, which can be challenging and noisy. It is possible to install motorcycle disc locks on either the front or rear wheels, and they are a great deterrent. For motorcycles such as vintage motorcycles, the brakes may not be adequate.

Bar Locks

A bar lock is a very large piece of steel that locks around your bike. Alloy motorcycle rims are used to install them, and they can be used on a wide range of motorcycle makes and models. In conjunction with a chain lock, this type of lock can be used to secure a motorcycle to a light post.

Locks with Chains

Other types of locks are usually smaller and lighter than chain locks. Discs and grip locks, in contrast, are more portable. A motorcycle lock with a chain can be beneficial if you want extra protection. Use a utility or bar lock through the motorcycle’s rims to lock the bike to an immovable object, such as a light post.

Top 2 Motocycle Security Devices

Our first recommendation and one of the most secure ways to prevent theft is to use:

1. Motocycle Ground Anchor

The Reason It Stops Thieves

The most common way for thieves to steal motorcycles is from the home, so using a ground anchor to act as an immovable object will prevent theft. This anchor is fixed to the ground or wall, allowing you to attach a chain and lock to your motorbike.

Will You Need A Chain or Padlock?

The chain and lock that attach from the anchor to your bike are needed if you are using a ground anchor. They can be used either indoors or outdoors and can be used at home or in your business.

Does It Fix to Concrete or Walls?

Bicycle, ATV, and quad bike owners use them too because they can be installed on concrete floors, brick walls, and even vans. There are two types of anchors, bolt-down and concrete in.

Tips for Installing a Ground Anchor

  • Make sure to follow the fitting instructions if you decide to install the anchor yourself. They are usually provided with the anchor.
  • If your ground anchor is not fitted correctly, your motorbike could be at risk of theft.
Pro Tip:
  1. Unless you have experience installing anchors to the ground or walls, we always recommend they be installed by a professional, such as an MLA Approved Locksmith.

How Can I Find The Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor?

A ground anchor that has been approved by Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond is the most secure ground anchor you can use to keep your motorcycle secure.Tested to Motorcycle Diamond, ground anchors can be attacked with angle grinders & leverage.

Ground Anchor Synopsis

  • Type of bike: For use on motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds
  • Place of residence or business premises
  • It’s recommended to have a professional fit it, but you can do it yourself as well

2. Motorcycle Lock & Security Chain

The Reason It Stops Thieves

Another good way to lock your motorcycle is with a motorcycle chain and lock. Attaching your bike to an immovable object prevents thieves from picking it up.

A motorcycle lock or chain is typically fitted around the motorbike’s frame or wheel to prevent it from being stolen.

If possible, use a chain and padlock of high quality (independently approved).

How To Install A Security Chain?

  • Make sure they are attached to an “immovable object” like a lamppost to prevent theft.
  • Ensure that the chain and padlock are off the ground and looped through your bike’s frame
  • Make sure you use the correct chain length
  • The padlock and chain should never be left on the ground. This hinders thieves from smashing the lock.
  • The chain should not be too long, as this can allow criminals to attack the chain if it touches the ground.

In addition to a chain and padlock, a ground anchor can also be used with the combination:

You can add garage security to deter thieves if you keep your motorbike at home.

Is There A Motorcycle Security Chain That Is The Best?

A motorcycle security chain that has been approved to Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond is the best and most secure. This standard includes an angle grinder test.

Which D-Lock Is The Best For Motorcycles?

D-locks for motorbikes, that are Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold certified, provide the best protection against sawing, bolt cropping, and other methods of attack.

Motorcycle Lock & Chain Synopsis

  • Type of bike: For use on motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds
  • Location: On the move, at home, or in the office.
  • Fit yourself: Do it on your own.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the best way to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen is to always use a security device that has been approved by a third party, like Sold Secure.

You might also consider contacting a local MLA locksmith like Best Buy Locksmith, as many of them have experience in this area, especially those who are car locksmiths since some specialize in motorcycle security.

With Best Buy Locksmith, you’ll receive fast response times, accurate quotes over the phone, professional service providers with background checks, no extra charges, no hordes, quality tools, guaranteed work, discounts up to 20%, and most importantly, friendly service. Additionally, you can book an appointment with them over the phone.


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