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6 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home .

6 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Being a victim of a burglary or break-in can be a hugely traumatizing experience. We all want to feel safe and secure when we’re at home. Luckily, there’s some simple things you can do to help protect your home and family from unwanted intruders. Here’s six of our top tips for securing your home without breaking the bank.

1. Lock all Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars. Before you leave your home or go to bed, lock the doors and windows of your home. If you have a home automation system, use your computer or smartphone to remotely lock your doors if you forget to do so before leaving.

2. Keep Keys Out Of Sight

Leaving your keys on display may persuade a thief to attack your property over another. Burglars are known to use tools that can reach in through your letterbox and grab keys or other valuables. Try using a closed box, or using a different location to store your keys or a letterbox with brushes that can make it hard for prying eyes to see what’s on the other side of your door.

3. Improve your outdoor lighting

Another simple way to secure your home is by improving your outdoor lighting. Lights that use motion sensors are a great deterrent for a burglar, the last thing a thief will want is to be seen, directly under a beam of light trying to break into a property.

4. Add security cameras

Indoor security cameras are also a good way to secure your home. As much as we want to trust the people we let into our homes, caregiver theft or theft from in-home services like cleaning or pet sitting can and does occur on occasion. Indoor security cameras can help document any situation that arises, or provide a deterrent.

5. Don’t forget about your garage door

Garage doors often go unsecured. Whether you forgot to lower the door on your way to work or your kids left it open after grabbing their bikes, it’s easy to forget about the garage door. So, Secure your garage just like you do your home.

6. Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

Not all burglars have to enter your home in order to steal from you – some do it directly through your Wi-Fi. This might sound like an unbelievable, but it’s happened thousands of times. In fact, your home wireless system is a gateway to all of your financial and personal info. And if you have smart home gadgets, criminals will have direct access to every security system or device that uses Wi-Fi. Start by securing your wireless router. Make sure you hide home network, create a strong password, and install antivirus protection.

No matter what kind of home security system you have, nothing changes the importance of having basic locks and keys that are in good working order. Periodically, everyone’s locks and keys need to be upgraded due to normal use. Securing your front door, re-keying your locks, installing window locks, locking your garage, and locking your fence are all important steps in protecting your home.

No matter what your security needs are, our fully licensed locksmiths can offer a practical and budget-conscious solution. Call us at 267-506-5702 to learn more about how we can help!


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